Why buy an iPad? When you can save money by just hiring it for your event!

Why buy an IPad

Today’s corporate events are a lot different from the ones that were held a decade ago. Meetings and conferences are a bit tech savvy today when compared to the meetings and conferences held a decade ago. Today you need to keep your audience engaged and continuously need to interact with them to keep them focused on the meeting, and for that a lot of employees take the help of gadgets to make conferences and meetings a little less boring and more interactive. iPad is a handy gadget which employees mostly use in their meetings and conferences, but they make a blunder of buying iPads for their events which shoots up their costs. It’s always a wise option to rent iPads for your events instead of buying it as you need it for your event only. This helps you save a lot when compared to buying iPads for your events. We’ll discuss how hiring iPads can help you save business money!

  1. Reduce Upfront Costs

Maintaining a healthy level of cash flow is one tough job for any business, may it be a small business or a large corporation. You need to ensure that your business has enough cash that you can use at any time you want may it be to pay rent, suppliers, tax and utility bills or invest in other business units to ensure growth. It’s highly important for any business to maximize the cash flow efficiency and reduce upfront cost in order to grow their business. Hiring iPads can help companies achieve that as renting iPads doesn’t cost companies a fortune and they can save more cash for their business.

  1. Ongoing costs

Why it’s wise to hire an iPad for your event instead of buying? Because there are costs attached to it once you buy one. How? When you buy an iPad you don’t just pay the buying cost, you then go on to pay ongoing costs of the iPad such as security cost, software updates, repair costs and technical supports costs. But that does not happens with renting an iPad as you can bypass all these costs because the renting company bears these ongoing costs as they are the ones who buy it, you as a consumer just needs to pay the rent of the iPads you hired for your event.

  1. Depreciation

All things have a depreciation cost associated with them. Electronic gadgets tend to lose their value real quick may it be cell phones or PCs they all lose their value.  In fact, much like a car, they lose a good chunk of their value as soon as you walk out of the store. Your iPad can be half the worth you paid for just after few months and may lose value more quickly as soon as the new model gets released. But you can save yourself from these costs if you rent an iPad. Not only that you can rent the new models when they get released allowing you to get hands on the latest gadgets without you needing to bear the full costs of it.

With the above three pointers discussed you now know why you should hire or rent an iPad for your business events or conferences instead of buying it. You can rent iPads from hiretablets as they can provide you with the best and latest iPads for your events in prices that you can only imagine! For more details contact hiretablets.ae.

How iPad becomes useful to users in UAE?

iPad in UAE

Dubai – as we are all aware – is known throughout for its glamorous lifestyle, innumerable skyscrapers, and above all its reputation as a melting pot of opportunities and cultures.
Consequently, the need and easy access of smart technology to facilitate its people becomes imminent.

iPads facilitate a range of tasks

Let it be their usage as Public Information Kiosks in frequently visited establishments as museums, airports, hotel lobbies, etc or for financial purposes at places such as banks to pay utility bills – iPads are specialized to meet the owner’s unique needs. A host of apps available in the app store make sure of this.

What’s more, owners do not have to necessarily buy the device and then spend time customizing it: our flexible iPad services are here to do the work for you.

Aesthetics meet usability

Sleek, shiny, and beautiful; iPads sure do have the aesthetic appeal to them. What makes these tablets stand out, however, is not just the glamour. The attractiveness is backed by a powerful operating system, the iOS. The result is a smart device, responsive at a touch, and swift at executing tasks in a matter of seconds.

A variety of apps may be downloaded from the app store according to the user’s requirement to make the best out of their device.

Ease of commercial transaction

iPads are changing the face of traditional retail point of sales. Cash registers and debit/credit card readers become old news as the more easy to use technology takes over.

Considering how Dubai is the ultimate shopping hub, we believe any and every business could benefit from iPad hire.

Don’t want a long term commitment? Get an iPad on rent from us!

Targeting the pain points that hinder your business growth

Today’s business world is moving forth at supersonic speed.

One of the problems organizations battle with is finding a communication channel to reach their desired audience – a pain point that needs to be relieved for successful growth.

The iPad apps are an excellent medium considering how the iOS has a wide reach of audiences.
What’s more are the smart and intelligent apps, ensuring user engagement further resulting in long run profits.

Hire iPad Dubai is an investment you won’t regret making.
Interested in knowing more?
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These 03 market laptop on rent picks are going to be true battery savers for you!


Individuals belonging to various careers, interests, and walks of life look for varied functionalities and features when renting a machine.

For some it’s the raw computing power that sells them, while for some it is the colorful displays and storage that does it. However, there is most definitely one thing in common – battery life – the ultimate sweet candy that no one can ignore. After all, let’s face it: the best part about a laptop is its portability.

What good is a laptop with a low battery life that will have you running around like a headless chicken, looking for a power socket?

It’s not always possible to have an available power supply. Those who travel a lot, especially, know the pain of seeing that low battery pop up.
There are two options:

  1. Keep spare batteries
  2. Rent a laptop with a long battery life

While option “a” is good, it is only a temporary solution. Therefore, we opt for “b”.

To make your task easier, we have listed the three laptop options with great battery life that top our list. So the next time you rent a laptop, keep these in mind!

  1. Lenovo ThinkPad T470

A people pleaser, this one boasts a battery life of a whooping seventeen hours – absurdly long in laptop battery life terms. No wonder it is dubbed as one of the longest lasting notebooks.
Also, we think it would be unfair to not mention its noteworthy keyboard and the availability of every port imaginable.

  1. Dell XPS 13

Second to the Lenovo Thinkpad, this laptop lasts for an impressive fourteen hours. With touch however, the battery consumption is faster so you might want to keep this in mind when hiring the laptop. Good news though, XPS13 is available both with and without the touch screen. You might not want to strike it off your rentals just yet.

  1. Apples 15 inch MacBook Pro

The apple of the eye – no pun intended – of many is not very behind either in this battery race. Aesthetically pleasing and a favorite of many, this MacBook offers a run time of eleven hours.

Not bad, if you are looking for something specifically from Apple, we say.

Found what you were looking for? Get in touch with us; we have laptops for hire all over UK and you too!

10 Benefits of hiring laptops for your Company

hiring laptops

It doesn’t matter what industry you belong to – computers are no more a commodity but a necessity. Simple and basic tasks such as maintaining records and storing data are done on computers.
You and I both are aware machines are the future and only getting sophisticated with time.

It only makes sense to avail them.

Enters the question, how to acquire computers on such a large scale?

There are two options: rent or buy.

These 10 reasons will convince you why we think renting is the better option:

  1. Absolute control over your expenditure. When hiring, there is a fixed amount you will have to pay. No surprise expenses such as repairing, etc.
  2. Always have the best of technology. At the pace computers and AI is advancing, your computers will be obsolete over a few years. With hiring, however, you can have the latest technology. 
  1. Zero storage space requirement. This statement is fairly self explanatory.
  2. Rent it when you need it. A computer may be indispensible, but that doesn’t mean it is always in need. For many companies, they only require extra machine for periodic occasions such as an event or a training session. Why buy and let your machine gather dust?
  3. No extra expenses such as hiring a technician to fix an technical faults, etc.
  4. As a general rule of the thumb, renting is cheaper than buying. It only makes sense to rent especially if your work doesn’t rely heavily on computers.
  5. Bye-bye down payment (Don’t believe us? Check out our laptop hire in UK!)
  1. It is common knowledge that overtime, the worth of IT equipment only depletes. So, there’s one worry struck off your checklist!
  2. If your work seldom requires you to travel, buying a laptop would be absurd and wasteful. It’s better to hire laptop for your yearly work trip.

  3. With the availability of multiple contractors out there, you can put in any special requirements which otherwise you would have to hire extra hands to full fill, had you bought your own laptop.

    Your next step: get in touch with us.

    We rent laptops in UK. If you are interested in knowing more about our rental services, contact us now! We’ll be sure to work out something for you.

Benefits of Placing an Order for iPads with a Reliable Agency


For better or for worse, our lives have become increasingly dependent on the digital world. It is a common practice amongst many businesses to hire iPads amongst many other devices.
The benefits are obvious: a show of professionalism, greater interaction with the audience, a feeling of individual attention no matter how big the event, and of course fewer distractions.
With so many advantages at stake, renting gadgets does not become an indulgence anymore. It becomes a necessity. It also becomes important to hire a reliable agency. You should get what you are paying for.
Hiring a reliable agency though may be slightly costlier than a cheap one will ensure your event runs smoothly without any hiccups. We have listed a few benefits that will be sure to convince you why reliable ipad renting services are important.

1.    Your unique needs will be catered to;

Every event is different. For instance, a company hosting a conference or any other event will obviously have the iPads on rent. In order to customize the iPads, to make it look like they belong to the company instead of having been hired, the client may ask to have their company logo on the back or as the wallpaper.
Similarly, many events such as auctions need the devices to be connected to each other so that the bidding can be efficient and without any issues. Having hired a trusty company will ensure all these things.

2.    iPads in their best states

iPads have to be updated regularly as new updates arrive every month or so for bug fixes and new features. It will be well worth your money to have hired iPads that are updated and looked after to avoid disappointing your guests or giving them an unpleasant impression of your company.

3.    Fully prepared

The best thing about a good agency is they will always have spares and will be cooperative. You won’t need to worry about malfunctioning gadgets or last minute guests and registrations. At least a 10% of the total number of iPads rented will be spare.
Need to hire iPads in dubai? We offer the best iPad hiring services in UAE. Contact us now to know more about our rental agency. We will make sure your event goes smoothly, without any problems. Talk to us now, and get a quote!